Holy Sh@T We Bought A Cottage!!

I always advise my buyer clients that purchasing a property isn’t easy. The reality is that it’s hard, damn hard. Imagine trying to hammer in a nail with a limp fettuccine noodle and multiply that by 100, and that’s how hard it can be. So when my wife and I personally entered the buyer pool earlier this year to find a cottage for our family, we did so with a mix of excitement and anxiety as we knew full well [...]

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Four More Years, Four More Years!

It’s Election time and the ridiculous political statements about “fixing” the housing market are flying. Politicians, and articles like this, always miss the point. 1) They always focus on the DEMAND side and not SUPPLY. Real estate is a free market, and when demand far outstrips supply prices rise dramatically. That’s Simple economics, like a kid with a lemonade stand. If a problem is perceived, the only solution is to increase supply. 2) There is nothing to fix. Toronto (and [...]

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Death Of The Open House

I am posting this blog on July 15th, in the year 2021, coming right at ya from my dining room table / office / virtual classroom. The date is relevant because tomorrow, July 16th, we will be entering Stage 3 in Ontario at long last. In the real estate world, social media has been ablaze with emotional and gushing posts from several agents about how they have been yearning to hold open houses again, and what a burden it has [...]

Say What??

Can anybody really believe we are more than a year into this pandemic, and things seem worse than ever before? With another lockdown in effect, schools and restaurants closed yet again, and vaccines rolling out at a glacial pace things seem grim, real grim. Like Armie Hammer’s current career grim. There have been many daily rituals that have kept me going over the past year, one of which is making sure I laugh out loud a few times a day. [...]

2020 Year In Review

If nothing else 2020 has been consistent. Much like warm beer, cold french fries and wet hockey equipment 2020 has been a consistent drag, providing humankind with repeated blows to the nether regions. 2020 has also been a huge bummer for celebrity deaths, taking beloved icons like Alex Trebek, Sean Connery, Eddie Van Halen and the dude who played Deebo in Friday. But what 2020 has ultimately proved unequivocally is that the Toronto real estate market remains an unstoppable force. [...]

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The Fair Housing Plan

Overheard recently at Starbucks. Exasperated Buyer (loser of 8 bidding wars): I’ve had it. My wife is 7 months pregnant and I am sick of spending every Saturday with you. I want to bid $1.8 on the semi on Prust Ave. Well Meaning (but increasingly desperate) Agent: You mean the one listed at $1.2, with the leaky basement and knob and tube?? Exasperated Buyer (loser of 8 bidding wars): Yep, that’s the one. Well Meaning (but increasingly desperate) Agent: Ok. [...]

The Trump Effect

Well, America actually did it. They did it. My beloved America went and left the biggest turd in the toilet bowl you could ever imagine. Or in the words of Michael Moore “the biggest f%&k you in the history of America”. Probably the history of mankind. And now I have to stare at that god awful hairdo for another 4 years. I will not wade into the politics at all in this little entry, but suffice to say as the [...]

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