How Low Will You Go?

Recently a house sold that had the industry buzzing, and it showed up on a bunch of realtors’ social media feeds. Unfortunately I can’t provide the address, owing to bureaucratic reasons that go way beyond me, but anybody can find it on House Sigma within a couple of minutes if they are so inclined. The house itself was a perfectly nondescript, dated 2 bedroom semi with no parking and an unfinished basement. It was located in the Danforth and Victoria [...]

The Return of The Bully Offer??

Like the oversized, hideously ugly pimple faced punk terrorizing the schoolyard and stealing milk money, bullies have always been present.  Likewise, during just about my entire time in the real estate industry, bullies (ie bully offers) have been wreaking equal havoc and crushing would be buyer’s dreams and wallets.  It seemed this would never change, and I even wrote an entry on the bully offer way back in 2015 in the infancy of this humble blog. In case you missed [...]

September 20, 2022|Categories: Houses, My Two Cents, Neighbourhoods|

A Tale From The Trenches

For most of the past decade, real estate stories on the sale side have been nothing but an endless party. Wild tales of out of control bidding wars, sales stratospherically over the asking price, houses selling within an hour, and 20 plus offers on even the shittiest of properties. 2022 rolled in and the party raged on, only weekend long bender harder. We were drinking it up and boy did it taste good. The Ides of March brought record prices. [...]

July 19, 2022|Categories: Houses, My Two Cents, Neighbourhoods|


BIRCH CLIFF Most people will tell you that the Birch Cliff neighbourhood in Toronto is a really wonderful area to set down some roots and raise a family. Birch Cliff Village, as it is fondly called, is situated in the southwest quadrant of old Scarborough, nestled along the Lake Ontario shore atop the Scarborough Bluffs. Offering great value, it’s not hard to see why people are flocking to this charming neighbourhood in search of their next home. Birch Cliff [...]

June 19, 2010|Categories: Neighbourhoods|


YORKVILLE Yorkville is a part of "The Annex" neighbourhood of Toronto, which is one of Canada's most well known shopping districts. Although this quaint area has a bustling shopping reputation, this area also has one of the lowest crime rates in Canada. Yorkville real estate is always in high demand, making the turnover of homes very low, so when something does come up for sale you need to move fast! Real estate values are flourishing, and you get both beautiful [...]

May 6, 2010|Categories: Neighbourhoods|


THE BEACH Nestled in the southeast corner of Toronto lies the lovely neighbourhood of The Beach (also known as The Beaches). This vibrant neighbourhood is mere minutes away from the heart of downtown Toronto and houses four separate beaches - Balmy Beach, Scarborough Beach, Kew Beach and Woodbine Beach. Because of the multiple beaches in this neighbourhood locals utilize both names of The Beach and The Beaches interchangeably, although there is great debate as to which one is correct! [...]

May 6, 2010|Categories: Neighbourhoods|


UPPER BEACH The Upper Beach is not your typical Beach neighbourhood. Boasting tons of life and character without the pretentiousness and price, this area is an example of community living at its best, where pride of ownership is evident and neighbours still tend to their gardens, work on their lawns and chat with each other on their porches. You can choose from large turn of the century Victorian, Edwardian and Bungalow homes to modern and brand new brick with [...]

May 6, 2010|Categories: Neighbourhoods|


ST LAWRENCE St Lawrence is located in historic downtown Toronto. The St Lawrence neighbourhood is older than Toronto itself and includes 10 city blocks that was once part of the Town of York, the forerunner to the City of Toronto. The area is known for its distinctive architecture including the Gooderham Building constructed in the flatiron style - the first of the kind built in North America. There are also numerous buildings done in the 19th century Georgian style [...]

May 6, 2010|Categories: Neighbourhoods|


RONCESVALLES Roncesvalles, affectionately known to locals as "Roncy," has been a long hidden gem that has come unearthed in the past decade in the most marvellous of ways, making it one of the most sought after neighbourhoods in Toronto. With it's turn of the century Victorian and Edwardian homes, as well as authentic Eastern European roots, Roncy has small town whimsical charm. When you combine that with all the best parts of big city living, such as state of [...]

May 6, 2010|Categories: Neighbourhoods|


RIVERDALE Riverdale is a diverse neighbourhood in the east end of Toronto ideally located only minutes from downtown Toronto. Riverdale stretches from the Don River in the west to Pape Ave in the east, and south of the Danforth all the way down to Lake Shore Boulevard. It is further subdivided into three smaller and unique neighbourhoods - Riverside, East Chinatown, and the Studio District. There are many fantastic Riverdale homes for sale, and with the wide variety of [...]

May 6, 2010|Categories: Neighbourhoods|
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