The Playter Estates are an affluent neighbourhood located at the east end of Toronto near Broadview and Danforth. John Lea Playter sold and subdivided this family-owned area in 1912, and today the land surrounding the family farmhouse on Playter Crescent forms the neighbourhood known as The Playter Estates. This community reflects a dominant Greek culture, and blends the traditional Greek heritage with the fashionable shops and specialty boutiques to create a unique lifestyle experience.

The Playter Estates comprise several attractive features that appeal to just about anyone. To wit – the public transit system will get you anywhere in the city, and access to the The Don Valley Parkway is right around the corner. The local schools are second to none, with Jackman standing as one of the highest ranked in the province. The annual Taste of the Danforth Festival gets busier every year and is great party with ample food, drink and music. The architectural designs of the mostly detached and semi-detached homes reflect an Edwardian or Victorian style. Each home manifests the owner’s unique personality and influence; each residence utilizes decorative roof shingles, artistic gates or quaint front porch accents.

The Playter Estates is a friendly community that welcomes people from all walks of life. The close knit area embraces a variety of interests, from joggers and health-conscious consumers and pet enthusiasts to active families with children. People enjoy talking to their neighbors and to store owners – dare I say everybody knows the local butcher’s name. This westernmost stretch of Danforth Avenue is energetic and charming, offering diverse shopping amenities that include gourmet coffee shops, the latest fashions, wine-making stores and gastronomical delights of authentic Greek cuisine. And there’s also the famous Allen’s Pub, with the best burger in the city. In the summer, colourfully, decorated planters line the sidewalks, with a large selection of local produce.

Nearby Riverdale Park is one of the largest parks in Toronto. This impressive recreation venue includes a swimming pool, an artificial ice rink, seven tennis courts, several sports fields and a track for walking or running. The nearby Don Valley Ravine incorporates a bicycle trail that is readily available, and the trail runs south through the city following the western border of the Don River. It then connects with the Martin Goodman Trail, which runs along the waterfront. All along the waterfront – just like Brando.

In addition to the fine Greek offerings, there are also eclectic restaurants that highlight delectable Mexican and African influences in their meal choices. Organic grocery stores that promote nutritional supplements, healthy fruit smoothies, and vegan milkshakes are standard favourites at the juice bar. Elite bakeries are an integral feature of this outstanding area. Customers can enjoy coffee or a cappuccino while reading the newspaper or playing Tarbish with friends.