How Low Will You Go?

Recently a house sold that had the industry buzzing, and it showed up on a bunch of realtors’ social media feeds. Unfortunately I can’t provide the address, owing to bureaucratic reasons that go way beyond me, but anybody can find it on House Sigma within a couple of minutes if they are so inclined. The house itself was a perfectly nondescript, dated 2 bedroom semi with no parking and an unfinished basement. It was located in the Danforth and Victoria [...]

Better Days Ahead

With 2022 now in the rear view mirror, many people are uttering good riddance and breathing a sigh of relief. While 2022 did deliver the soaring heights of Andor (in my opinion the best Star Wars series by far) and the Depp vs Heard trial, it also began with yet another lockdown and ended with $10 romaine lettuce, much to the chagrin of beleaguered caesar salad lovers everywhere. The question that naturally (and inevitably) comes up then, is what to [...]

January 13, 2023|Categories: Condos, Houses, My Two Cents|

Late Fall Market Quick Cuts

It's that glorious Fall time of the year again, when the only Halloween candy that remains are those crappy rockets, Mariah Carey is preparing for her annual “Yes I’m Still Alive Tour”, and the Hallmark Christmas movies are already in heavy rotation. What a time to be alive. Mid November also signals that we are rapidly approaching the end of the Fall real estate market, and with that in mind I want to take a dive in and share what [...]

November 14, 2022|Categories: Houses, Lifestyle, My Two Cents|

The Seller That Knew Too Much

Social media bombards us with an artificial view of the world. Everything is always perfect, and everybody's skin is always creamy smooth and acne free (don’t get me started on those ridiculous filters that literally make people look like cartoons). We get a never ending barrage of people sitting on a beach “living their best life”. The real estate social media world tends to be similar. We see posts about glowing customer testimonials, happy sold over asking stories, motivational quotes [...]

October 26, 2022|Categories: Houses, My Two Cents, Real Estate Fails|

The Return of The Bully Offer??

Like the oversized, hideously ugly pimple faced punk terrorizing the schoolyard and stealing milk money, bullies have always been present.  Likewise, during just about my entire time in the real estate industry, bullies (ie bully offers) have been wreaking equal havoc and crushing would be buyer’s dreams and wallets.  It seemed this would never change, and I even wrote an entry on the bully offer way back in 2015 in the infancy of this humble blog. In case you missed [...]

September 20, 2022|Categories: Houses, My Two Cents, Neighbourhoods|

Fall Market Musings

With the kids back to school, and the social media deluge of first day photos mercifully over (who started that trend anyway?), we are entering the time of the year when the real estate market typically awakens after the sleepy summer months.  I stress typically because recent times have been anything but atypical, but I’m writing this entry with an eye on both the past 12 months and the 12 months to come. Looking both ways is making me dizzy, [...]

September 9, 2022|Categories: Condos, Houses, My Two Cents|

Quick Cuts

Some quick cuts and random thoughts from the cottage dock, as we sit in the dog days of August with the Fall market and sub zero temperature rapidly looming. The Real Estate Market Has Hit Rock Bottom Like the hopeless alcoholic chugging cough syrup at 7 am in the Shoppers Drug Mart parking lot, I believe the real estate market has hit rock bottom. The average GTA price came in at $1.074,000 for July, down from the peak of $1,334,000 [...]

A Tale From The Trenches

For most of the past decade, real estate stories on the sale side have been nothing but an endless party. Wild tales of out of control bidding wars, sales stratospherically over the asking price, houses selling within an hour, and 20 plus offers on even the shittiest of properties. 2022 rolled in and the party raged on, only weekend long bender harder. We were drinking it up and boy did it taste good. The Ides of March brought record prices. [...]

July 19, 2022|Categories: Houses, My Two Cents, Neighbourhoods|

Opportunity Knocks?

In life we spend so much time, effort and mental real estate chasing elusive “opportunities”. Some opportunities are relatively easy to identify and define - think of a career advancement or promotion, or an athlete getting called up to the big team. Other opportunities are much more elusive, or “unicorn like”. Think of hitting on the next big crypto project, or the Chess Club Captain scoring with the Prom Queen in high school. Without a doubt, however, the biggest “unicorn” [...]

May 10, 2022|Categories: Condos, Houses, My Two Cents|

What’s In A Name?

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” - William Shakespeare. I’ve always been fascinated by names, for as long as I can remember. More specifically, bad or funny names, certainly not ones that smell like a rose. I still laugh out loud at the scene from The Wedding Singer where Drew Barrymore realizes her married name will be Julia Gulia, and her tool of a fiance can’t see why [...]

April 12, 2022|Categories: My Two Cents, Real Estate Fails|
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