Wake Me Up When September Ends

The Market Watch stats have come in for the GTA for the month of September, and like the titular Green Day song it’s an emotional roller coaster, and ultimately a tear jerker. The stats are insane, difficult to comprehend and to my eyes deeply concerning. Allow me to present the meatiest morsels: Active listings DOWN 49.4% vs September of last year. New listings DOWN 34% vs September of last year. Average sale price UP 18.3% vs September of last year [...]

October 7, 2021|Categories: Condos, Houses, My Two Cents, Real Estate Fails|

The Dirtiest Words In Real Estate

In a perfect, utopian society everything would move forward smoothly. People would do what they are supposed to do, and say what they are supposed to say. Pandemics would be relegated to the history books, and kumbaya would be sung around campfires across the world. Manly men could even admit they like 90 Day Fiance and the awesomeness that is Big Ed, without fear of extreme derision and scorn... Governments would deliver on their promises to provide affordable housing AND [...]

September 22, 2021|Categories: Condos, Houses, My Two Cents, Real Estate Fails|

Four More Years, Four More Years!

It’s Election time and the ridiculous political statements about “fixing” the housing market are flying. Politicians, and articles like this, always miss the point. 1) They always focus on the DEMAND side and not SUPPLY. Real estate is a free market, and when demand far outstrips supply prices rise dramatically. That’s Simple economics, like a kid with a lemonade stand. If a problem is perceived, the only solution is to increase supply. 2) There is nothing to fix. Toronto (and [...]

August 25, 2021|Categories: Lifestyle, My Two Cents, Real Estate Fails|

Say What??

Can anybody really believe we are more than a year into this pandemic, and things seem worse than ever before? With another lockdown in effect, schools and restaurants closed yet again, and vaccines rolling out at a glacial pace things seem grim, real grim. Like Armie Hammer’s current career grim. There have been many daily rituals that have kept me going over the past year, one of which is making sure I laugh out loud a few times a day. [...]

The Fair Housing Plan

Overheard recently at Starbucks. Exasperated Buyer (loser of 8 bidding wars): I’ve had it. My wife is 7 months pregnant and I am sick of spending every Saturday with you. I want to bid $1.8 on the semi on Prust Ave. Well Meaning (but increasingly desperate) Agent: You mean the one listed at $1.2, with the leaky basement and knob and tube?? Exasperated Buyer (loser of 8 bidding wars): Yep, that’s the one. Well Meaning (but increasingly desperate) Agent: Ok. [...]

Holy Bungalow!!

The meteoric increase in real estate prices across the GTA has certainly been well documented, in some cases ad nauseam with certain media outlets. Being in the business, it seems every week I have some variation on the same conversation, usually “Holy crap, did you see what 123 Main St. sold for last night? Those people must be nuts!!” Every night new sale records are set, with no end in sight. The poor buyers have the deck stacked against them [...]

September 22, 2016|Categories: Houses, My Two Cents, Real Estate Fails|

Gimme Some More, Gimme Some More

It seems appropriate to kick this blog off with a tip to Busta Rhymes and his pulse pounding hit "Gimme Some More". Between this song and his meaty supporting role in "Finding Forrester" (who hasn't pined to see Busta and Sean Connery in the same movie), Busta was on top of the world. But just as quickly as he rose he soon fell, flying too close to the sun with his blingy wings. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHHT7dTmw8U Now for the matter at hand. [...]

August 25, 2016|Categories: My Two Cents, Real Estate Fails|

Stop The Insanity

It seems like the topic of bully offers just keeps coming up in this blog, and believe me when I say I am sick of writing about it, much like I'm sure Tom Petty is sick to death of playing "Free Fallin" every night to a crowd of paunchy middle-aged sad sacks. But the reality is that it has become sadly inevitable, so here we go. This blog is (as usual) being written with mixed feelings. On the one hand [...]

June 8, 2015|Categories: Houses, My Two Cents, Real Estate Fails|

What’s The Deal With Community Housing?

The other day I received a call from my good friend John, as always at the most erratic of times. This time it woke me out of a blissfully deep sleep, at 6:52 in the freakin’ am. Before I could even say hello I heard that unmistakeable voice – “What’s the deal with this community housing??” John is what you might call a serial entrepreneur. Rotund and sweaty, he is like Mark Ruffalo gone to seed, if those seeds were [...]

January 6, 2015|Categories: Houses, My Two Cents, Real Estate Fails|

Harold The Jewelry Buyer….Real Estate Saviour??? Part 1

Harold The Jewelry Buyer wears many faces to the public – diamond and gold flogger, irrepressible (and disturbingly creepy) TV pitchman, and a central character in an underground diamond war that has to be read to be believed. Here is the link to The Star article covering the last point. Suspected Arson - Gold Wars But recently Harold has donned yet another cap – Real Estate Saviour! By now I am sure you have seen the ads, with Harold sitting [...]

January 6, 2015|Categories: My Two Cents, Real Estate Fails|
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