Most people will tell you that the Birch Cliff neighbourhood in Toronto is a really wonderful area to set down some roots and raise a family. Birch Cliff Village, as it is fondly called, is situated in the southwest quadrant of old Scarborough, nestled along the Lake Ontario shore atop the Scarborough Bluffs. Offering great value, it’s not hard to see why people are flocking to this charming neighbourhood in search of their next home.

Birch Cliff Village has attracted many new builders and home renovators to the area, thanks in part to a large number of bungalows and older homes in need of a remodel with close proximity to the gorgeous waterfront by the Bluffs, which allows folks to feel like they are far away from city living. All this construction and building has been great for property values, and more buyers are opening up to the idea of moving further east. An influx of condo development, particularly the pre-construction Hunt Club Terrace (overlooking the stunning Hunt Club Golf Course) has also been instrumental in revitalizing the local real estate.

Taking a walk through Birch Cliff Village, one will observe mostly detached homes in the style of quaint bungalows and new build “top ups”, with some older two-storey brick homes sprinkled about on pretty, tree-lined streets. It’s a friendly place to live, and during the warm spring and summer months neighbours can often be found chatting away on their comfortable porches. One of the best things about owning a home in Birch Cliff is its unique physicality. As one resident described the village, she feels “privileged to live in a city where a piece of the country is just a five-minute walk from home.”

The neighbourhood community remains tightly-knit, participating in the design of a new 4.7 acre, T-shaped park by the Quarry, north of Gerrard St. and east of Victoria Park. The green space will be located in the middle of a proposed 19-acre mid-rise/retail development.

Birch Cliff is becoming a happening, modern neighbourhood with eclectic businesses popping up on Kingston Rd all the time. Residents come together not only to shop, but to join in community parades, in music and the arts with the monthly acoustic harvest, the beach garden society plant sale, charity ball hockey tournament charity game, and regular farmers’ markets.

The Birch Cliff neighbourhood is home to approximately 13,000 residents and the median household income is above that of the average for Toronto. Seven public schools and two Catholic schools are located in Birch Cliff Village, along with the wonderful Taylor Memorial Library on Kingston Road. As far as home prices go, the range varies. Houses located further northeast are more affordable, but as you go southwest prices rise dramatically (think Beach prices) for two main reasons – proximity to Queen St / The Lake and Courcelette school district. Courcelette is one of the best ranked schools in the city.

Birch Cliff certainly holds appeal for many. The village is an idyllic area and perfect for working class families and raising children. The village is on the upswing and there is a ton of new construction and development. When a resident can walk out the door and within five minutes be in the beautiful countryside, then that’s a pretty amazing place to be!