Situated between the CNR and CPR rail lines in Old Toronto, the up-and-coming (you can rightly argue it has now arrived) neighbourhood of the Junction Triangle is a modern success story. This wedge shaped alcove of the city was once a thriving industrial park. Today, it is a diverse area where antique stores, locally owned produce markets, and restaurants featuring Portuguese influenced cuisine have replaced the majority of the old industrial buildings. Situated near downtown Toronto, this storied neighbourhood has a number of attractive features.

With the de-industrialization of Canada in the 20th century came a need to make use of old factories. Junction properties include the trendy conversion lofts that take advantage of post-industrial aesthetics, as well as a variety of Victorian houses and condos with steadily rising values. The amount of undeveloped land available makes this neighbourhood a uniquely attractive opportunity for investors and those looking to build a home on property valued slightly less than the average city lot. Another major factor in the Junction’s popularity is the rising house prices just south in High Park – many buyers were priced out close to Bloor but found appealing options if they just went a bit north.

Mirroring the diversity of the local architecture, the Junction’s residents are a multicultural group of middle class families and young singles. Their professions range from industrial workers to shop owners. Originally, the area was populated by Italian and Moldovan immigrants. Today there is a large population of people with Portuguese, English, and Vietnamese ancestries who have brought their cultural charms to the melting pot of Toronto. A thriving bohemian arts culture accentuates the old world charm of this neighbourhood. This mix of urban appeal and family-friendly atmosphere exemplifies the unique Junction community.

The Junction is located in a great place for the community to take advantage of Toronto’s numerous venues for entertainment. The 40 Junction Bus and the 26 Dupont Bus both serve the local area, while the Bloor-Danforth Subway provides outlets to the further reaches of the city. High Park, with its playgrounds, Japanese Sakura tree groves, peaceful Waterfront ponds, and a small zoo is a great family friendly destination. The High Park sports facilities provide activities for those wishing to stay active, while the nearby Perth Park is a popular haunt for local folk musicians. Dundas Street West is known for its boutiques that are easily accessible to residents of Junction Triangle. Not far to the east, Toronto’s bustling downtown centre provides all the world-class amenities of cosmopolitan life.

The Junction also offers several well rated primary and secondary schools in the surrounding area. The Western Technical-Commercial School and Bloor Collegiate Institute are among the best in the city, boasting a high percentage of graduates going on to post-secondary education. It’s not just the private institutes which differentiate this area’s educational system, however. The Perth Avenue Junior Public School is one of many participating in the French Immersion program. Students have the opportunity to become bilingual in a unique learning environment in which traditional history, mathematics, and science classes are taught exclusively in French.