Roncesvalles, affectionately known to locals as “Roncy,” has been a long hidden gem that has come unearthed in the past decade in the most marvellous of ways, making it one of the most sought after neighbourhoods in Toronto. With it’s turn of the century Victorian and Edwardian homes, as well as authentic Eastern European roots, Roncy has small town whimsical charm. When you combine that with all the best parts of big city living, such as state of the art “green” loft style condominiums, wifi enabled espresso bars, and destination worthy restaurants and pubs; you have a place that is as diverse as it is convenient and beautiful, making Roncesvalles prime real-estate.

Roncy has a diverse population of approximately 16,000 people, with most residents being heavily involved in community affairs and the goal of conserving it’s heritage. As a result there are several memorials, shops, restaurants, and annual Polish and Music festivals. Roncy is a very charming place to raise a family, and in addition to the amenities you also get all of the necessities. There are both Public and Private Catholic Schools, as well as a branch of the Toronto Public Library. Roncy is home to several Churches offering different denominations of faith, and is home to The St. Josephs Health Centre, as well as several independent drug stores.

In the mid 1990’s the area experienced a generational shift when many of those who settled there after World War II left their homes and moved to retirement facilities. Roncy homes became a hot commodity amongst young professional families due to their large size and the opportunity to impart a personal touch. Now we see fierce bidding wars, of course. Many of the homes are Victorian and Edwardian, and feature large porches, tree lined streets, and garages. Modern condo’s are also in high demand in Roncy, with new construction developments popping up more frequently. Roncy is predominantly comprised of two-income, middle class families.

Roncy is primarily residential but has a bustling commercial area that stretches the entire length of the neighbourhood. Here you can find both young professionals and families exploring shops in search of fresh foods, attire, candy, hardware, pet supplies, and much more. The restaurants in Roncesvalles offer everything from authentic Polish fare to the more modern additions and attractions like Barque Smokehouse that bring in people from all over Toronto. Pubs in the area offer the same type of diversity, from quaint to feisty, with locations offering live music most nights of the week, including genres such as jazz, modern, and folk. The Revue Cinema is a great place to catch a film while checking out the early 1900’s architecture of this non-profit repertory theatre. If you’re looking for it, Roncesvalles has it. Nuff said.