Located blocks from the heart of “Toronto Proper” and nestled between the Don River and Keating Channel, Corktown is one of the fastest growing neighbourhoods in the country. Once a declining wasteland, Corktown has been rejuvenated by the recent influx of new business and massive improvements, yet still retains its historical roots.

Deeply enriched in its Irish heritage, quaint 19th century row houses line Bright Street, Ashby Place, and Wilkins Avenue. Historical landmarks, reminiscent of a time when Irish immigrants worked in the mills, brickyards, and breweries, are tucked amidst the preservation of the old and renovation of the new. Idyllic cottages that workers lived in add to the charm near St. Paul’s Basilica. Just south of the Little Trinity Church, on Trinity Street, is a museum open for tours and private events. The museum, named after one of Toronto’s greatest benefactors, Enoch Turner, is in what once was the first “free” schoolhouse.

To the southeast lies the site of the 2015 Pan Am Games. A recent pouring in of guaranteed financing has enabled the transformation of nearby Corktown’s previously vacant industrial area into the West Don Lands. A development that had been stalled in the planning stages for years, it is now back on track. The previously barren industrial space is currently being used for movie production, studios, and filming.

Swiftly unfolding as the centrepiece of the revitalization effort, Corktown Common boasts views of the Don River while enjoying playgrounds, athletic fields, picnic areas, and scenic trails.

Temporary Athlete’s Housing built for the Pam Am games will soon provide affordable Corktown homes for sale in a mixed income area, ideal for aspiring actors, writers, artists, and filmmakers. The athlete’s training centre will benefit future young executives and families alike as the 82,000 square foot Cooper Koo Family YMCA at Front and Cherry streets is slated to open following this summer’s Pan Am games.

The population has increased over 75% in the past 15 years and the revitalization in preparation for the upcoming games has inspired massive growth and opportunity to flourish. New homes, including condos for sale at the River City developments, from lofts to luxury accommodations, are in abundance. The end result is that Corktown is now one of the most affordable downtown districts and very popular with young professionals.

Close to both downtown Toronto offices and entertainment, Corktown has a variety of shopping options to choose from. Coffee shops are springing up as the familiar (or is it inevitable) Tim Horton’s Coffee House on Cherry Street opened along with the new Tandem and Rooster coffee shops west on King. A multitude of entertainment options include Dominion on Queen, featuring jazz and bluegrass music, and Black Irish Whiskey Bar & Oyster Saloon, a neighbourhood bar with a “working man” atmosphere. Corktown has something for everyone and homes for sale that fit any budget.