Blake Jones is a quiet neighbourhood located in southeast Toronto, better known by its local name “The Pocket”. The area can be roughly divided into two sections separated by Jones Street. The western section offers public housing and a row of similar looking real estate that is often covered by dense rows of trees on either side of the main road. In contrast, the eastern section has somewhat reinvented itself as the centre of activities by remodelling on patterns of nearby up-scale neighbourhoods.

The name “The Pocket” is derived from the several dead ends in the surrounding streets. For instance, a number of streets in the neighbourhood are enclosed due to the location of railway tracks, a cemetery and a large TTC yard. The enclosed shape of the area restricts the traffic flow from outside giving the neighbourhood a feeling of a quiet village. Most outsiders are amazed at the tightly bound community here, and the close proximity of the Toronto city centre and being within walking distance of the subway line is extremely attractive to residents. It is hardly surprising that local media have designated this area as one of the hottest neighbourhoods of Toronto.

Blake Jones is home to three elementary and a high school. Riverdale Collegiate Institute is a well-known high school facility and very highly regarded. Residents of the area also enjoy unobtrusive access to public transportation including the 83 Jones Bus Line. As such, there are three subway stations located in close proximity to almost every corner of the neighbourhood. These include the Donlands, Pape and Greenwood stations that take residents to downtown Toronto in less than 10 minutes. Access to downtown Toronto by car is only about 15 minutes, which is also a reason that the local real estate is considered a relative bargain compared to other areas.

At night, the neighbourhood makes a fine dining spot for food enthusiasts who love the variety of local cuisine ranging from chicken souvlaki to falafel and even Chinese food. There are also many regular food fairs offering home-cooked Western foods, and a couple of popular Café and Burger Joints where outsiders flock from all over Toronto.

Recently, the active local community has initiated several ‘Green Drives’ to replace older trees and plant several new Maples along Greenwood yard. These community led events are also continuously extending to include other sections of the area, all in the name of enriching the neighbourhood that so many are proud to call home.