Guildwood Village, nestled south of Kingston Rd and abutting on the lake, offers breathtaking views and a calm and quiet way of life. It’s original design and abundance of recreational space tells us this neighbourhood was built with families in mind, and it was also used as an artist’s colony back in 1932. Recent developments cater to a small town ideal, with shopping centres, bakeries, a town library, and local restaurants all within close proximity.

The Guildwood Village landscape contains rear-lot parks with small walkways dispersed throughout, meant to resemble English footpaths for daytime leisure. Roads were designed to discourage speed in this neighbourhood, envisioned by E.G. Faludi, a famed Canadian urban planner. Lake Ontario is located near-by. There is a plethora of natural wonders to enjoy here with easy access to downtown Toronto and a GO Station with a huge parking lot where you can leave your car for free and jump on the train. This neighbourhood lives up to its motto Dulce Misceatur Utili, which means “let us mingle the beautiful with the useful”.

Guildwood, or “The Guild”, is known for its elegant historic homes and quaint residential neighbourhood. Custom designed modern and town homes and bungalows on 50 foot lots are found here. A by-law prohibiting the removal of tall trees from residential properties is the reason most houses here are younger than the trees that surround them. A picturesque canopy is seen in almost every yard. Real estate values have increased steadily but still remain very affordable when compared to the surrounding neighbourhoods. Indeed, this area is considered by many to be a hidden gem. The courtyard series of homes built here were specifically designed to accommodate multi-generational families, and that has fostered an excellent sense of community.

Public, private, religious, and Montessori schools are available in The Guild, catering to a wide variety of educational interests and needs. Among them are Saint Ursula Separate School and Elizabeth Simcoe Junior Public School, which both rank highly. Guildwood provides many amenities to young families and adults alike. It is not only considered among one of the safest neighbourhoods in Canada, it also offers different educational options from preschool to college. Most of the Guild residents are tight knit families and older middle class home owners. Rentals make up a very small percentage of real estate here.

If you are looking for a quiet and amenable community with small town appeal and easy access to downtown Toronto, The Guild embodies your ideal. Go Train transport from to downtown Toronto takes about thirty minutes – talk about country living in the city! Among some of the attractions are the Guildwood Shopping Centre and Guildwood Park, which provides an idyllic get away during daylight hours. In the summer it is home to open air theatrical and musical productions. The landscape is littered with replicas of historical temple columns, making this community space classically scenic. A Farmer’s Market and Guildwood Day, held annually in June, complete the picture.